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Arozzi Arena Adjustable Gaming Desk Review

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Arozzi Gaming Desk

This post was last updated on: April 1, 2024
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Every good gaming desk should have a few things.

It needs a large surface area to house all of your equipment, it has to be steady and durable enough to hold all that equipment without sagging or buckling, and it has to have some type of cable management system.

A great gaming desk needs to have all of that plus a couple more attributes. You should be able to adjust the height to fit your needs, and it should be ergonomically accurate, allowing you to get as close to your gaming monitor as possible without having to develop scoliosis.

With that being said, the Arozzi arena gaming desk is a legitimately great option. It has every single characteristic mentioned above, and then some.

Today, we will dive into the nitty-gritty. We’ll check out the specs, what type of material it’s made out of, and by the end of this article, you should be equipped with the knowledge necessary to decide for yourself whether or not this is worth a purchase.

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Arozzi Arena Adjustable Gaming Desk: The Deets

This desk has a gigantic 14 square foot surface that is built to hold and house the most robust gaming setup. We’re talking three plus monitors, your PC, consoles, peripherals, and more. It has the space to accommodate all this with ease.

In fact, the 5-foot 3-inch width of the table can hold up to three large monitors that curve around you in the same way that the table curves contours to your body. The depth of the table is a generous 2 feet 8 inches, and can easily accommodate your mouse and keyboard.

The table itself is made with solid steel legs, which are connected to the steel frame underneath the board. The board is made from a solid wood material and has three pre-drilled holes for cable management. The pad that covers the top is a nice microfiber.

The Surface

There are so many great things about this desk I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll start with the included mouse pad.

Mousepad? Who in their right mind gives shout out about an included mouse pad?

I’ll tell you who, somebody who knows the entire desk IS the mouse pad.

Yes. You read that right.

This desk from Arozzi has a surface that is made from the same fabric most mouse pads are made of. The only difference is that it covers the entire area of the desk. It has a water-resistant surface, and is machine washable for those occasional (or not so occasional) times that you drop your hot wings on the table.

The pad won’t move for two reasons. One, it weighs around seven pounds. Two, it has a non-slip surface on the bottom. These ensure it stays in place.


You’ll also notice the curve that matches your seating position, so you can maintain proper posture during your entire gaming session.

Another great feature here is the ability to adjust the height of the desk. The desk can be adjusted from 27.9 inches to 31.9 inches high. While that’s not much of a height difference, it does help.

Cable Management

Cable management on this desk is very well thought out. The pre-cut holes are in just the right spots, and there are nets screwed underneath the table to keep your wires from hanging down and creating a cluttered, unsightly mess.

Being Picky

There isn’t much not to like about the Arozzi. They seem to have thought of almost everything.

But, if I am allowed to nitpick, one of the issues you might have is how dirty the mouse pad gets.

Sure, you can just remove it and wash the pad, but it really becomes a waste of time after a while. This may not be an issue on all the mat colors though; the darker colors may not show dirt that well.

Another issue with this is the height adjustment for the legs. It only moves a couple of inches between its lowest and highest points. More room for adjustment here would be nice.

But outside of those two things there really isn’t much not to like.

Is This a Good Deal?

When you ask a question like this you can’t really answer it without first looking at some other options to see what they are offering.

When comparing the Arozzi gaming desk with its closest competitors, there are some major differences.

The most obvious Arozzi competitor is DXRacer and the DXRacer gaming desk.

They both cost roughly the same price, but the Arozzi is much larger, and has a better cable management system.

The Arozzi top is also one huge mouse pad.

With that being said, I’d personally prefer the Arozzi.

In short, if you game seriously and have the space, this is definitely a good deal, and it should last you a very long time.

The Brand

Arozzi is a company based out of Sweden. They have a passion for creating and delivering top of the line, state of the art gaming furniture. They were founded in 2013, and you’ve probably heard of them before.

Their main focus is ergonomic chairs and desks.

The ergonomic design of their state of the art gaming chairs is inspired by championship motorsports, the reason for this being how much time motorsports athletes have to be seated.

They took what race car drivers learned about seating, and transferred it to video game chairs and now desks.

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Final Thoughts and the Verdict: 9.5/10

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is an absolute beast. It looks incredible, is superb in its performance, and is sturdy enough for even the biggest and heaviest gaming setups.

Having the ability to run multiple monitors makes your gaming experience so much more enjoyable, and this desk allows you to use three of them.

Add in its sheer size and the great wire management system, and you’ve got a winning product on your hands. That’s not including the brilliant idea to have the desk double as a mouse pad, as well.

The curved surface is also a great added ergonomic feature, and definitely helps you game with perfect posture at all times.

As I said earlier, it would be nice if the desk could raise more than two or three inches in height, but it would be even better if you didn’t have to adjust the height manually.

In closing, this is a gaming desk I can recommend. If you need additional help finding the best gaming desk, then check out our article on that, too!

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