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Best Gaming Chair with Footrest [9 Reviewed]

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This post was last updated on May 1, 2024
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Modern gamers are lucky. We have an infinite supply of gaming chairs with footrests at our fingertips. If anything, there are too many to choose from. We’re here to help you decide specifically which is the best gaming chair with footrest so you can truly relax while gaming. 

We researched and ranked these by looking at each chair’s value, materials used, size, comfort provided, and weight capacity. That way, you can find a gaming chair you love as much as Sonic loves golden rings. 

9 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest

  • GTRACING Gaming Chair – Best Overall
  • Ficmax Reclining Gaming Chair – Best Recline/Tilt Range
  • VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair – Best for Big and Tall People
  • Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair – Best Cheap Option
  • KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair – Most Popular
  • ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair
  • Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair – Best Max Weight Capacity
  • TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Computer Gaming Office Chair
  • GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers – Best Warranty

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EDITORS NOTE: There are a few benefits from purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

GTRACING often has the lowest price, a wider selection, provides complimentary shipping, and also gives you an extended 2 year warranty for free.

North America: The site to use is
Europe: The site to use is

Looks aren’t everything. But, if they were, the GTRACING Gaming Chair would be at the top of any list of gaming chairs. The seat is matted with jet-black PU leather and vibrant streaks of red, blue, or white that line the outer edges. The chair manages to blend the swagger of Duke Nukem and the beauty of Lara Croft into one.

Fortunately, GTRACING has a racing style gaming chair that’s built for comfort as much as style. That includes reinforced seat cushions, lumbar support, and a headrest that can be removed. The heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters give the chair extra strength and stability, too. 

The chair also has more versatility than Ditto in Melee. It has a 170-degree recline function, 360-degree swivel ability, adjustable seat height and armrest, a retractable footrest, and it can even hold up to 350 pounds. It has everything a professional gamer needs to go full tilt online. Of course, just because you feel like a pro, that doesn’t mean you should quit your day job. 

It even doubles as an office chair. That way, you can get the support you need, whether you’re working in Minecraft or Microsoft Word. Regardless of the application, the GTRACING is one of the best values you can get. 

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The Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is designed to support you in all the right places. For starters, there’s the 4.8-inch thick memory foam seat cushion that will stand the test of any gaming marathon. Each side also has durable armrests with adjustable height to ensure perfect positioning for your controller.

The ergonomic design also means you’ll have the support your teammates didn’t give you in League of Legends. The backrest comes with adjustable massage lumbar support—that includes a complimentary neck pillow and USB powered lumbar massage pillow.

The chair even adjusts to your style. The seat holds up to 300 pounds as you tilt, swivel, and rock along with your moves in the game. You can rest assured knowing you’re sitting atop a heavy-duty base with a solid metal frame. 

Ficmax lets you put their feet up while you throw down. The bottom of the chair contains a 14-inch wide footrest that extends with a single push. Plus, the cushioned surfaces have fade-resistant PU leather to minimize wear and dirt. 

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Play longer with more comfort (because we all know that’s what our moms want). The VON RACER makes that dream a reality with a gamer-centric design that caters to user needs and preferences. Let’s start with the frame.

Any good gaming chair needs to hold up to stress and strain. The VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair includes an integrated metal frame, smooth-rolling casters, and reinforced gas springs. Put to the test, the chair supports up to 350 pounds, which makes it ideal for gamers big and small.

The chair comes with a built-in USB-powered electric massager. You can relax with soothing vibrations from the high-density foam—perfect to keep your cool in those final boss battles. VON RACER also includes a lower lumbar cushion, padded headrest, and spacious footrest. 

VON RACER puts the power in your hands with customizable features. The chair has adjustable support for your lower back, seat height, back angle, and arm height. When it comes to ultra-flexibility, there’s even a 360-degree swiveling function.

Here’s the bottom line: the VON RACER is one of the best gaming chairs with a footrest. It has an enhanced frame, ergonomic design, adjustable massage, and retractable footrest. The chair is so well-rounded that you might mistake it for Kirby. 

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Based on looks alone, it’s difficult to top the Furmax Gaming Chair. The seat has electric blue highlights that make every curve shine. Of course, this chair isn’t worth buying just because it looks cool. It also delivers comfort and performance. 

The chair has high-quality PU leather, which is fade-resistant and easy to clean. The thickly padded bucket seat provides lumbar support, while the ergonomic designs let you recline with next to no effort. Ficmax made sure this gaming chair is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. 

No matter the intensity of the gaming, you can rest assured knowing you have complete support thanks to 3D spine padding. That, combined with the 15-inch wide footrest that pulls-out on command, keeps you where you need to be while you play. The weight capacity for the Flicmax Gaming Chair is 310 pounds, so no need to worry about jumping right into it. 

If you should be concerned about anything, it’s the chair’s durability. Gaming, especially when you do it every day, can wear at the seams of the headrest, backrest, and other parts of the chair. If longevity is holding you back, check out the five-year furniture protection option. It costs as much as a case of Mountain Dew and two large containers of cheese balls. 

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High-back racing fans take note. The KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair has arrived. The best-selling seat provides complete comfort and support that will have you second-guessing ideas like “going outside” or “working.”

The KILLABEE features super soft seats and back cushions. You’ll all but melt into the fabric as it gently hugs your body and aligns your spine at the same time. In addition to robust armrests and a padded footrest, the lumbar cushion comes with a USB electric massager to soothe any strains or pains. 

It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and a bevy of adjustable features. You can recline up to 175 degrees, flip out the footrest, or change the height. It also comes with 360-degree swivel abilities, so you can bring that 360 no-scope to the real world.

The KILLABEE can also be used day to day in the office, due to its ergonomic design and high-quality materials. KILLABEE built the frame with integrated metal while the cushioning uses durable nylon bases. Whether you’re putting long hours at the office or online, this is a gaming chair for cheap that delivers relaxation when you need it most. 

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The ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair looks like something out of a NASCAR vehicle. The racing style gaming chair has some of the thickest padding when it comes to the headrest, backrest, and seat. Each one of those pads has high-density elastic foam for fomfort (their pun, not mine).

There’s also distinctive lumbar support integrated into the ergonomic design. ELECWISH places an adsorbent cushion at the base, which helps support vertebrates three and four in the lower back. 

The ELECWISH also comes with many other features gamers have come to know and love. That includes, but is not limited to, 360-degree swivel ability, a 170-degree recline, a soft (removable) headrest filled with doll cotton, and wear-resistant PU leather. Mothers across the world will also rejoice to know the rubber wheels are safe on hardwood, laminate, and tile floors.

While the ELECWISH passes the visual test, the chief complaint is its longevity. You may come across loose armrests or wobbly wheels now and again. Still, if you’re looking for a gaming chair on a budget, it is worth consideration. 

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While the Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest does not exude visual appeal, it makes up for it with reliable performance. This racing chair has some of the best back support, which makes it ideal for gaming or office use. The key is the sturdy base that extends the length of the back.

Manufacturers created this chair with professional gamers in mind. It features a USB massage lumbar support prominently above the seat cushion to target any lower back pain. The cushioning throughout also contains high-density sponge material that’s wider and thicker than competitive gaming chairs. 

The Blue Whale has multiple adjustable features, too. Users can tilt back up to 155 degrees, swivel in a full circle, and change the height of armrests. It has a weight capacity of 380 pounds, which is among the highest of any chair. 

The high-quality design and versatility of the Blue Whale chair provide a high-quality experience for hobby gamers and professionals alike. You can compare this chair to the straight piece in Tetris. You can bide your time shopping for other models, but once you sit in this one, you think, “There you are. I’ve been waiting for you this whole time.”

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While it looks more like an office chair, don’t let the appearance fool you. The TOPSKY High Black Racing Style Chair provides the features and functionality for work and gaming. In fact, as far as high-back racing chairs go, the TOPSKY model is on par with the best in the business. 

Padding-wise, it’s more Mario than Wario. It doesn’t have fluffy cushions that give way over time like some cheap gaming chair. Instead, it’s sleek and efficient. The racing chair has dense padding that provides support when you need it without putting pressure on your legs.

The level design follows the length of the backrest and seat cushion with gentle ebbs for additional support. It even comes with a footrest that pulls out from underneath the seat. You can enjoy the luxury of a 175-degree recline that locks into position with the push of a lever.

But the best feature is the armrests. (I know. You were thinking the same thing.) The armrests are three inches wide for maximum support and attach to the base and backrest for stability. The slender curving action tails off toward the chair’s front to let gaming aficionados comfortably position their arms. 

The most significant knock on this chair is the durability. Gamers may want to have an Allen wrench handy, in case any joints become wobbly. That said, the TOPSKY High Black Racing Style Chair does come with a one-year warranty. 

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EDITORS NOTE: There are a few benefits from purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

GTRACING often has the lowest price, a wider selection, provides complimentary shipping, and also gives you an extended 2 year warranty for free.

North America: The site to use is
Europe: The site to use is

We’ve saved the best for last. Let us introduce the GTRACING Gaming Chair. It is essentially the Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl version of gaming chairs. Here’s what makes it borderline unstoppable. 

Each chair has built-in Bluetooth speakers that play crystal clear music and audio from the outer panels. The speakers work for six hours while you relax with the plush footrest and kill bad guys. That footrest is easily retractable to ensure maximum comfort, whether you’re in the middle of a kill streak or ready for a nap.

This gaming chair is totally structurally sound. GTRACING uses a robust metal frame that promotes comfort and good posture (a first for many of us). The durability is top-notch when it comes to gaming chairs. Plus, all the cushioned areas have PU leather upholstery for a wear-resistant exterior. 

Chair gaming can be a strain on your body, but GTRACING has a solution for every imaginable pain. That includes, but is not limited to, a 165-degree reclining function, removable headrest, a lumbar cushion, adjustable seat height, and 3D armrests. 

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Honorable Mentions


If affordability is a driving factor, the OHAHO has you covered. The seat has one of the lowest price tags on this list while featuring an ergonomic body and a PU leather exterior. It also comes with high-density, wear-resilient cushioning.

Youll be glad to find that this is an ideal seat for studying and working, too. It includes a plush headrest, retractable footrest, 360-degree swiveling action, and can recline up to 180 degrees. Best of all, the chair comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, as well as free replacements for damaged or defective parts within the first year. 

Merax Racing Chair

The Merax Racing Chair with Footrest is thick enough to make even Nicki Minaj jealous. Whether you’re looking at the armrests, backrest, footrest, or headrest, rest assured you have a pillow fort’s worth of cushions behind you. The chair has lower back support for long stretches of uninterrupted gaming, too. 

The downside to the Merax is the lack of durability. Customers find the comfort of the cushions fades over time. While all chairs are susceptible to the aging process, this one’s higher price point makes it a potential pain in the butt—and wallet. 

DXRacer Classic Series OH/CA120/NC

DXRacer chairs are notable for two reasons. First, they’re wide. As in, two feet from side to side. Second, they’re expensive. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay twice as much for a DXRacer compared to other leading brands.

The DXRacer Classic Series OH/CA120/NC is ideal for someone who wants comfort above and beyond your standard gaming chair. DXRacer uses cushioning that sinks any desire to leave the seat. Plus, it’s durable. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty, plus a 24-month warranty on the parts. 

BestOffice PC Chair

BestOffice is known for having some of the best prices. Many of its gaming chairs are half the price of other leading brands while providing the same features. The PC Gaming Chair is no exception. The single drawback is that it does not have a footrest.

This option has breathable PU leather while the ergonomic construction supports users in any position. That includes a 90 to 135-degree reclining ability as well as tilt-free seat adjusters. Plus, it has easy to follow instructions to help even mechanical noobs assemble it in 15 minutes or less. 

We Looked at These, But They Didn’t Make the List

RESPAWN 110 Racing

The RESPAWN 110 blends luxury padding and comfort. It provides ergonomic support that will follow the shape of your body for positional reinforcement. RESPAWN also offers a limited lifetime warranty and year-round customer support. 

X Rocker Triple Flip 2.1 Sound Recliner

The X Rocker Triple Flip 2.1 Sound Recliner looks more like a La-Z-Boy than a traditional gaming chair. The svelte grey cube features long arching armrests and the widest footrest on this list. It also has built-in AFM speakers for gaming or movies as well as an under-seat storage compartment. 

Pulaski 1985-178-125 Power Home Theatre Recliner

Shoppers in search of the ultimate chair should check out the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner. The chair reclines at the push of a button, comes with a swiveling tray, has two USB plugs, and has a breathable faux leather cover from top to bottom. The catch? It’s three times more expensive than most of the other options on this list.

BestMassage Office Chair

The BestMassage Office Chair is versatile enough to work in any setting. The ergonomic construction is ideal for long days at the office while the comfy 180-degree recliner lets gamers play in maximum relaxation. Plus, it has easy to follow instructions to help you assemble everything in a matter of minutes. 

Homall Racing Chair

The Homall Racing Gaming Chair covers all the basics. Ergonomic design? Check. Headrest and support for your lower back? Check. Swiveling 360 degrees with 180-degree reclining? Check. A footrest? No. Okay, may not everything. 

Homall provides free replacement and refund in the first 30 days as well as a one-year warranty on problems, damages, and missing parts. 

BestOffice Racing Chair

While “slender” and “elegant” are not words often associated with gaming chairs, they fit the BestOffice Racing Gaming Chair. Perhaps that is because BestOffice purposely modeled the chair after sports car interiors. The shape provides enough support where you need it without ever sinking into the chair. 

BestOffice Leather Office Chair

BestOffice has made a name for itself with multi-purpose chairs at affordable prices. Their Leather Office Chair comes with an adjustable head and lumbar support, a heavy-duty base, PU leather exterior, and easy assembly. If there is one con, though, it’s that the armrests do not adjust. 

BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

When it comes to endless hours of gaming, you need a chair that’s up to the task. The BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair has your back with dense cushioning and adjustable support. Additionally, you can smoothly recline into one of four locking positions. 

The Bottom Line

The truth is that the best gaming chair with a footrest is the one that works for you. You should feel support in your neck, spine, and lower back while being able to rest your arms comfortably on each side. Gaming chairs have an endless array of features nowadays. It’s just a matter of finding the Princess Zelda to your Link.

Regardless of what model you purchase, here’s the best advice we can give: pick a gaming chair that will last. Think of the seat as a long-term investment in yourself. That means finding high-quality and durable parts that don’t skimp on comfort. An exceptional chair can last you years and gives you the best possible experience.

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