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Best Bluetooth Gaming Chair [7 Reviewed]

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This post was last updated on: April 1, 2024
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Thanks to Bluetooth, clunky, pesky wires are becoming a thing of the past. Manufacturers are finding new and innovative ways to integrate this technology in with their products all the time, one of the more recent ones being the bluetooth gaming chair.

But like anything else, not every Bluetooth gaming chair is made equally. So we set out to find which ones are worthy of your consideration. To do this, we thoroughly researched countless models and gradually eliminated the ones that didn’t make the cut.

In the end – and after exhaustive scrutiny and analysis – we narrowed down what we feel are the best Bluetooth gaming chairs in the industry. If you are looking to improve and enhance your gaming experience, these are the chairs with which to do it.

Below, you will find the 7 best models, each with detailed reasons as to why they’d make a great addition to your gaming setup.

The List: Best Bluetooth Gaming Chairs

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EDITORS NOTE: There are a few benefits from purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

GTRACING often has the lowest price, a wider selection, provides complimentary shipping, and also gives you an extended 2 year warranty for free.

North America: The site to use is
Europe: The site to use is

We looked at a lot of gaming chairs. But in the end, GTRacing took the top spot with this incredible entry. It has so many great features packed in that gamers are sure to improve their gameplay. When you’re comfortable, you can focus better and therefore play better. And this chair provides that, no question.

We love that GTRacing included a footrest on this model. If you’re looking for maximum comfort, this is the chair for you. There is already plush padding throughout the chair. And when combined with the lumbar support, your body is getting the perfect place to rest.

Assembly is a veritable breeze, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it up and running. As an audio gaming chair, the speakers are rich and crisp. You can enjoy whatever Bluetooth media you prefer for up to 6 hours on a single charge. There’s an internal battery, so you don’t have to worry about supplying your own.

When it runs low, just recharge it to make use of the speakers again. It’s simple, user friendly, and the stereo sound is most excellent. The surround sound effect makes a huge difference in your gaming experience. It draws you into the game, providing you with greater immersion.

You can use this gaming chair’s speakers with any Bluetooth device, adding to its versatility. Have a device that isn’t Bluetooth compatible? No problem! GTRacing also makes a handy Bluetooth Transmitter. With this device, you can instantly turn a PC/laptop, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch into a Bluetooth-ready system.

This chair has a nice selection of colors available, too. You can pick which one best suits your gaming room, making it the ideal chair for gamer guys and girls! Perhaps best of all, it’s highly affordable. You can nab this gaming chair for a fraction of what some other models cost.

When you factor in everything that you’re getting – from the stellar audio system and speakers to the super sold construction – this is hands down one of the best gaming chairs on the market.

No matter what media you’re piping through to the chair, you’re going to love the quality that the speakers provide. This chair is perfect for playing games or watching movies, as the speakers do a great job of drawing you into your media.

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No products found.

EDITORS NOTE: There are a few benefits from purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

GTRACING often has the lowest price, a wider selection, provides complimentary shipping, and also gives you an extended 2 year warranty for free.

North America: The site to use is
Europe: The site to use is

This game chair from GTRacing is essentially the same model as above, but without the retractable footrest. It costs a fuzz less and provides you with all of the other comforts you’ve come to expect from GTRacing.

Gaming chairs with Bluetooth are quickly becoming a hot commodity among gamers. And this model doesn’t disappoint. The speakers alone make it worth the price of admission, giving your video games a huge boost in quality.

When you invest in a gaming chair, you want something that’s going to be easy to use. The Bluetooth connection is headache free and fast. And you can use this gaming chair with more than just your video games. It works with MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and anything else with Bluetooth.

If you have a gaming console or computer that isn’t Bluetooth-ready, we recommend picking up GTRacing’s Bluetooth Transmitter. This baby is a breeze to use, too. It sports USB connectivity, so you just plug it in and you’re ready to sync with your chair.

The speakers sound most excellent, serving to free you up cumbersome headsets and earphones. They can start to hurt your noggin after a while. Investing in a music gaming chair gives you the freedom to play your games how you want.

The recline on this gaming chair is incredible, too. When you just want to relax, you can take it all the way back to 170 degrees! The height of the chair and its armrests are fully adjustable, allowing you to get the comfort you’re looking for.

GTRacing has once again delivered a near perfect entertainment chair. The audio system is stellar, and the support is exactly where your body needs it. Some gamers might wish the armrests were wider on this chair, but we found they did just fine in most circumstances.

Similar game chairs can easily cost you an arm and a leg. But GTRacing was somehow able to produce this high quality unit at an affordable price. And that’s what makes this entry so great. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to nab it.

There are some nice color selections available, too. Although there aren’t quite as many as the model above. With that being said, the ones they do have look really sharp. They will make a fine addition to your gaming room.

If you’ve been holding out for an inexpensive yet reliable gaming chair, you can’t do much better than this. The speakers produce excellent audio, making this chair ideal for all kinds of media.

It’s an excellent chair for relaxing while you listen to your favorite music. When combined with the comfort it provides, this chair is another home run from GTRacing.

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If you’d rather have a chair that sits lower to the ground, X Rocker has you covered. This gaming chair has a built in control panel for added convenience. We love the build quality and design that X Rocker went with on the Surge gaming chair, with amazing comfort and excellent speakers.

The audio system is a breeze to use, too. It has everything you need right at your fingertips for a user friendly experience. This allows you to get the most out of its speakers for a better experience.

You can adjust the volume of the built in speakers thanks to a huge control dial. And there’s plenty of available ports that allow you to hook up the gaming chair using alternative methods.

X Rocker has been producing gaming chairs for quite some time now. The Surge is easily one of their best yet. We appreciate the wide seat, as it gives you plenty of space to sit. This chair is perfect for nearly any setting, from your game room to the living room.

The speakers on this X Rocker gaming chair are absolutely incredible. They deliver amazing sound quality that sucks you right into whatever game you are playing. It’s great for enjoying movies and music, too. The sound system produces deep bass that helps to bring your media alive.

The comfort the X Rocker Surge provides is also quite exceptional. It sits low, making it easy to stretch out and relax. You’ll love the feel of the textile upholstery, as it is soft to the touch.

If you want a reliable and durable gaming chair that’s built to last, you can’t go wrong with the X Rocker Surge. The speakers do an amazing job of delivering high quality audio. You’ll love this chair for its comfort, as it’s great for relaxing while listening to music, watching TV, or gaming.

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The BraZen Panther is a unique, well made gaming chair that delivers incredible comfort and support. We love the wide seating and the space it provides. While you can’t reline in this gaming chair, you get plenty of other perks that make up for this one caveat.

The speakers on this bad boy are incredible, delivering excellent audio. Many gaming chairs skimp and give you speakers that are sub par. Not with the Panther. These speakers are quite exceptional, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your gaming experience.

Of course, when you feel how comfortable this chair is, you likely won’t care that it doesn’t recline. There’s a built in control panel that makes hooking up your gaming consoles a cinch.

It’s very similar to the X Rocker line of gaming chairs, as it comes equipped with audio ports and an adjustable volume dial. There’s even a subwoofer included with the BraZen Panther! This brings your games alive thanks to its deep bass and clear audio quality.

What really separates the Panther chair from the competition is the addition of a rumble feature. Not only are you getting a chair with incredible speakers, but you’re also getting immersive feedback in your seating. This is sure to make your games feel more realistic!

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X Rocker makes the list again with a stunning gaming chair that is sure to attract gamers. The first thing you’ll notice on this chair is its super thick seat. Seriously, the padding and support are incredible. If you want a chair that provides exceptional comfort, this might be the perfect chair.

You’ll appreciate the microfiber upholstery. It’s very soft and inviting, and it feels amazing. X Rocker equipped this chair with its usual audio panel, making it easy to hook up all of your favorite gaming systems.

Unlike many other gaming chair entries, this chair comes with 4 speakers built into it. This helps to bring your games to life in amazing fashion. The speakers deliver more immersion than ever, giving other chairs a run for their money.

X Rocker impressed us with this comfortable chair, and for good reason. The padding really has to be felt to truly appreciate. It’s incredibly supportive, making it easy to relax after a hard day of work. You can recline the chair, too, giving you even more comfort.

It’s a great chair for playing games or just watching TV. We wish the armrests could be adjusted, but at least they are comfortable. They are lined with soft padding that helps with their support.

You’re going to pay a little bit more for this chair. But X Rocker made sure to give you your money’s worth. This chair is pretty hefty, so it takes up a bit more space than traditional gaming chairs. But it’s very supportive and built like a tank, so that’s to be expected.

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X Rocker once again delivers a winner, this time with the Premier. This foldable Bluetooth gaming chair is perfect for the living room, as it looks and feels like a recliner. Best of all, it’s just a comfortable as a real recliner.

The build quality of this gaming chair is quite exceptional. You can kick back and recline for the ultimate in gaming comfort. There are built in cup holders for added convenience. And you get access to a full audio panel for a user friendly experience.

But that’s not all you get with this unique gaming chair. It comes equipped with vibration motors, adding even more immersion to your gaming experience. There’s a handy phone slot on the side that ensures you don’t have to get up for any reason (except to eat and use the bathroom, of course).

X Rocker knows how to deliver a comfortable gaming chair, and the Premier tops them all. It’s a little pricey compared to other entries we reviewed. But when you consider everything that you’re getting here, it’s hard to argue with the cost.

And when you think about it, can you really even put a price on comfort and convenience?

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For our last chair, X Rocker again makes the cut with the Ace Bayou gaming chair. Like other X Rocker chair entries, you’re getting a gaming chair with built in speakers and a control area. It’s very user friendly and convenient to operate. We appreciate how easy they are to reach, too.

The Ace Bayou is a sporty chair that looks similar in design to a racing chair. This means you’re getting plenty of comfort and support where you need the most.

This chair sits low to the ground like other X Rocker gaming chairs. It’s easy to sit in and made for total relaxation. But the real winner here is the speakers. You get a built in subwoofer along with the speakers, providing you with incredible audio.

The build quality of this chair is most excellent, ensuring that you are investing in a chair that lasts. Furthermore, this chair doesn’t take up much space. It’s easy to take into any room so that you can enjoy its speakers and comfort.

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People Also Ask

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair?

As you are probably already well aware, the Xbox One does not have Bluetooth capabilities. So you’ll need some extra hardware to make this work. But fear not fellow gamers. The solution is quite simple.

You can always plug a Bluetooth transmitter into your TV, as the sound is piped from the Xbox through the HDMI. The transmitter takes care of the rest and pushes the sound to your gaming chair. However, you’ll want to research to make sure the transmitter does indeed work with TVs, as many of them do not.

The important thing you want to pay attention to is the Bluetooth version. This needs to be the same as the chair to ensure complete compatibility. Elsewise, you may encounter delayed sound output.

Your best bet is to invest in an HDMI to RCA converter. This is probably going to be the easiest route to make use of your chair speakers. You will also need a secondary HDMI cable handy. The first thing you want to do is make sure your chair is either plugged in or charged up.

On the Xbox One, connect your HDMI to the converter. Next, connect the second HDMI cable from the converter to the TV.

Lastly, you’re going to take the red and white audio cables and run them from the gaming chair to the converter. You will now get a clear audio transmission from your Xbox to the gaming chair.

So as you can see, you have to do a little bit of a workaround to connect your Xbox to your gaming chair. On the plus side, you’ll be able to enjoy your chair’s high quality speakers and audio.

The downside, however, is that you’ll likely have to invest in some special hardware to make it happen. Fortunately, these aren’t very expensive. You should be able to find these at your local big box stores. But your best bet is to nab them from Amazon, as you can usually get them much cheaper.

You shouldn’t have to worry about buying the best ones, either. There’s no need to spend more for name brands. Even the cheaper ones should provide you with the results you need.

Once you have everything you need, be sure to refer back to this guide to help walk you through it. Soon, you will be able to enjoy your new gaming chair how it was meant.

How to Connect PS4 to Bluetooth Gaming Chair?

For all you PS4 owners out there, connecting your Bluetooth gaming chair is much easier. You don’t need to invest in any extra hardware to achieve sound from your chair’s speakers (although you may need to buy some audio cables).

Using your gaming chair wireless transmitter, connect it to your TV with a 3.5mm audio cable. These are sometimes color coded with light green ends. One end goes into your TV’s audio output jacks, while the other goes into the transmitter.

If your gaming chair has a control panel, make sure to use the channel selector to find the clearest sound quality. Run a few tests to find the one that sounds right to you. The speakers are already paired to the wireless transmitter, so you shouldn’t have anything else to configure.

Alternatively, you can connect the gaming chair using red and white audio cables. Most gaming chairs will provide the cables you need to connect your TV this way. If not, you may need to buy some B3 barrel adapters. These connect the red and white cables to a splitter that connects to your TV’s headphone jack.

If you didn’t already get a splitter, these are often color coded with a light green headphone jack on one end. This splits out into two female audio cables – one red, and one white.

Turn on your PS4, as well as your gaming chair. You should now be able to hear your games through your chair’s speakers. The PS4 seems to be a bit more friendly when it comes to listening to chair speakers. If you don’t want to mess with splitters and cables on your chair speakers, you might have more luck using the wireless transmitter.

It’s important that you make doubly sure that the Bluetooth versions match up. This will give you the best audio quality and performance. Any conflicting versions could result in laggy sound and poor connections.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Wireless Gaming Chair?

Having the ability to hear your game audio from your wireless gaming chair add a whole new layer of immersion. Personally, we prefer Bluetooth gaming chairs because they eliminate the need to wear a headset for hours at a time. This can induce headaches and neck cramps after so long.

You can move your Bluetooth gaming chair from your game room to the living room and enjoy audio wherever you want. The versatile nature of a music gaming chair gives you a freedom that you can’t get from traditional gaming chairs.

In Closing

Wireless gaming chairs are a great way to get up close and personal gaming audio. Having speakers right by you lets you not only hear the sound but feel it, too. Gaming is always evolving. Investing in a wireless gaming chair will ensure that you are one step ahead of the curve and ready to take on the ever expanding gaming industry.

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