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Best Purple Gaming Chair [11 Reviewed]

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This post was last updated on: May 1, 2024
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If you’re going to compete at your best, you can’t tolerate any unnecessary distractions in your gaming environment. A long gaming session means sitting in a fixed position for long periods of time. As a result, your gaming chair is the most important consideration for your entire setup.

The right purple gaming chair is stylish, comfortable, and versatile. A purple gaming chair compliments almost any style and decor you might have in your game room. But picking a purple gaming chair isn’t quite like picking a typical office chair. Gaming chairs are optimized for the specialized needs of a competitive gamer.

Ergonomics are at the forefront of all great gaming chairs ensuring that your arms, hands, neck, and even your legs are resting safely and comfortably at all times. Comfort and feel are integral to truly ergonomic gaming chairs, but there are different materials and fabrics for different purposes. How do you pick the best purple chair for your space?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best purple chair by rating and reviewing the top chairs on the market. Don’t risk your money on an inferior gaming chair. Check out our verified list of the best purple gaming chairs serious competitors are using in 2020.

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EDITORS NOTE: There are a few benefits from purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

GTRACING often has the lowest price, a wider selection, provides complimentary shipping, and also gives you an extended 2 year warranty for free.

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The GTRACING GT002 racing-style purple gaming chair is the ultimate games chair for high-level competitors. This ergonomic masterpiece is built on a solid metal frame that holds you upright in the perfect position to help you stay comfortable for hours at a time. The GT002 features extra-thick padding that gives you added support for even the longest gaming sessions.

You can’t call a gaming chair “the best” without excellent functionality and versatility. The GT002 gaming chair offers adjustable armrests and seat height, allowing for up to 170 degrees of recline. This gaming and office chair has a full 360-degree range of motion and a smooth, five-point rolling base that supports up to 300 pounds.

The GT002’s ultra-smooth PU leather makeup is soft on your skin and doesn’t sweat or stick. This purple chair includes a cushioned seat for added lumbar support and a built-in head pillow. Includes a 1-year limited warranty.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Review

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Acmate’s purple massage gaming chair (with an added footrest!) is a super-stylish and ultra-comfortable gaming chair with incredible functionality and unique features. No other gaming chair is quite like the Acmate with its built-in USB-powered massage pillow.

Plug in your massage pillow, sit back and enjoy hours of blissful contentment as you slay the competition from the warm comfort of your luxury gaming chair. The Acmate offers 180 degrees of recline plus fully adjustable seat height and armrests. The high-density foam is incredibly comfortable and breathes for hours without getting hot and uncomfortable.

The durable metal frame sits on heavy-duty rollers that support up to 250 pounds. With the versatility and functionality of the Acmate, you’ll never want to sit in another purple gaming chair again. Acmate offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty on all chairs.

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If you’re looking for an awesome purple gaming chair on a tight budget, the BOSSIN purple racing-style gaming chair is the best budget gaming chair you’re going to find.

BOSSIN offers an extendable footrest and a huge lumbar pillow to give you maximum support for long-lasting gaming sessions. The ergonomic design makes the chair suitable for all kinds of uses in your home office, but of course, gaming is where it really shines. Its high-back design and neck pillow ensure that your entire body has the support it needs to stay relaxed while you stay focused.

The BOSSIN racing-style gaming chair features super-smooth PU leather that feels soft and comfortable without sweating or sticking to your skin. PU leather is also notably resistant to wearing and tattering, meaning that your BOSSIN gaming chair will last for many years with proper care. Its class-3 gas lift support can handle up to 300 pounds with the chair supported by an ultra-solid 5-point rolling base.

You’ll enjoy 360-degree swivel action and up to 155 degrees of recline with full adjustability and control. The thick padding makes the chair perfect for gaming or even for work, with extra cushioning built into the armrests to keep your muscles supported as they start to tire out.

The BOSSIN gaming chair comes with one year of included customer support and warranty service. You’ll never need to worry that your BOSSIN chair will fail when you need it most. For the price, you won’t find a purple gaming chair with more features or support.

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Among the most uniquely designed gaming chairs you’ll ever find is the Homall S-Racer purple gaming chair. This surprising gaming chair is made from carbon fiber style PU leather that makes it supremely comfortable while being powerfully wear-resistant. The Homall chair features superior ergonomics that are suitable for use at the computer desk or entertainment center, no matter what your preferred gaming experience is.

Built on a five-point base, the steel frame and reinforced wheels make the Homall S-Racer one of the most durable and supported gaming chairs available today. Its high-quality construction meets multiple standards of certification making it the perfect chair for use in the office, game room, or even the living room. The Homall allows for up to 170 degrees of recline with fully adjustable seat height.

The chair includes a removable neck and lumbar support pillows allowing you to add or remove support as needed. Overall, the Homall has less padding than competing chairs resulting in a firmer and sturdier feel that helps you stay focused and alert but still relaxed.

The Homall S-Racer purple gaming chair includes a 1-year limited warranty covering damage and missing parts. You can also purchase confidently with a 1-month money-back guarantee just in case the Homall S-Racer isn’t for you. But don’t worry, we’re confident that you’ll love this versatile and durable gaming chair.

Homall Gaming Chair Review

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Few purple gaming chairs on the market offer more ultra-deluxe padding, cushioning, and comfort than the Ficmax massage gaming chair with added footrest. The Ficmax is a highly functional and versatile gaming chair that lets you move freely and adjust to exactly the position you prefer.

Made from a fine PU leather over, the Ficmax is resistant to fading and wearing, and it even repels dirt and sweat. The chair is padded with 4.8-inch high-density foam giving you tons of ultra-soft support that maintains its cushion and elasticity for years. The whole chair is built to be incredibly durable, resting on a solid metal frame and reinforced wheels. The class-4 hydraulic piston system supports a maximum capacity of up to 300 pounds.

This diverse gaming chair allows for a full 180 degrees of recline and includes a footrest, giving you a complete range of motion no matter what position you prefer while gaming. No matter how you like to sit, you’ll find exactly the setting you need in your Ficmax.

Not comfortable enough yet? The Ficmax’s pièce de résistance is its USB-powered lumbar massage pillow. Experience the luxurious pleasure of a gentle massage while you conquer your foes on the virtual battlefield. Gaming has never felt more relaxing and soothing than it has from the comfort of the Ficmax purple gaming chair.

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Looking for a gaming chair that feels like it’s not even there? The Vitesse Ergonomic Racing Style chair with added footrest has the perfect balance of soft, cushioned comfort and firm support that keeps you gaming at your best no matter how long you’re playing.

In your Vitesse gaming chair, you can easily customize your fit and feel with a removable headrest pillow and a lower back cushion that straps into place exactly where you want it. Too many chairs are inflexible with their supports, and if you aren’t the right size and height, the lumbar pillows never feel quite right. The Vitesse lets you adjust the support pillows to your specific needs as they change throughout a lengthy gaming endeavor.

This full-sized gaming chair offers a complete 360-degree range of motion and up to 155 degrees of recline. Set your eyes to the perfect line on your screen with the Vitesse’s 3.8-inch seat height range and kick back with the padded retractable footrest for ultimate clarity and comfort even if you’re at an awkward angle from the TV.

The Vitesse Ergonomic Racing Style purple gaming chair comes with a 1-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee in case you decide it’s not the right chair for you. If you have any problems with your chair, Vitesse will replace it or send you any missing parts.

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Made from the highest quality PU leather on all sides, the AKRacing Masters Series purple gaming chair is the ultimate heavy-duty gaming chair money can buy. Its wide metal frame is sprayed with a corrosion-resistant coating that keeps it shining bright and holding strong years after unboxing. Plus, the high-density cold-cured foam padding offers superior cushioning and firm support.

The high-quality faux-leather covering is easy to wipe clean and stays fresh for years without showing signs of wear and tear. In fact, AKracing guarantees the upholstery’s masterwork quality with a 5-year warranty.

The AKRacing Masters Series gaming chair features a fully adjustable headrest pillow and a lumbar support pillow on a strap system. This allows you to customize the height and positioning of the lumbar pillow to suit your needs whether you’re looking for support in your lower back or up in your torso.

AKRacing’s most unique feature is its 4D armrests that allow you to adjust in four different directions. You can raise and lower them, tilt them back and forth, push them in and out, and rotate the sides of the armrests. This allows you to customize the amount of space you have in the chair as well as the level of support you have under your arms even as you start getting tired.

Being the most durable chair on the market, the AKRacing Master Series chair can handle up to 400 pounds at its maximum capacity. Game chairs typically max out around 300 pounds, making this powerhouse of a chair the strongest gaming chair your money can buy.

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Fortnite players, unite! The RESPAWN RAVEN-Xi purple gaming chair with added footrest is a special edition Fortnite-themed chair for the battle royale master-in-training. Don’t be put off if you’re not a Fortnite gamer, this chair offers the ultimate in luxury and style for any gaming setup.

The RAVEN-Xi features a high back with sectioned padding and a fully integrated headrest. Neck pillows bulge and protrude, but the RAVEN-Xi offers comfortable and natural neck support. You can game for hours on this ultra-soft-padded, stain-resistant PU leather chair that’s made for long-lasting and heavy use.

You’ll get the ultimate in base support with up to 155 degrees of recline with locking available throughout the full range, and the armrests recline fully along with the chair. This purple chair has a full 360-degree range of swivel and a 275-pound capacity allowing for a truly dynamic range of motion.

RESPAWN offers a limited lifetime warranty on its most popular gaming chairs. If you’re not sure if this is the right purple chair for you, rest assured that you’re choosing the most popular and well-built chair on the market in 2020.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review

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PU leather isn’t the only game in town. Instead, check out the fine, soft, smooth appeal of imported PVC leather in the Vertagear S-Line 2000 purple gaming chair. No purple gaming chair on our list is smoother on the skin, featuring the highest quality materials and a contemporary style that looks stunning in any game room or office.

Unlike competing purple gaming chairs, the S-Line 2000 is incredibly quick and easy to assemble with its “slide-in” design that makes setup a breeze. Its ultra-strong steel frame and high-density resilience foam make the S-Line 2000 one of the most durable purple gaming chairs around. The heavy-duty aluminum alloy lining its steel structure ensures that this purple chair is solid as a rock and stays that way forever.

The S-Line 2000 also includes an optional memory foam head pillow and lumbar support pillow that strap easily in place so you can customize your cushioning needs. Vertagear also offers a 10-year limited warranty on all of its ultra-premium purple gaming chairs.

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For maximum comfort at a reasonable price, the OFM Essentials ESS-3085 purple gaming chair offers luxurious, soft seating whether you’re spending the day working or playing. Its contoured and sectioned cushioning offers you the utmost comfort while supporting your body for even long-lasting gaming marathons, keeping you safe and healthy even when it’s been far too long since you exercised.

With a full 360 degrees of swivel, this purple gaming chair offers center-tilt control, flip-up arms, and reclining control giving you flexibility in your preferred positioning while playing different video games. Plus, its premium SoftThread leather feels ultra-comfortable while giving this two-tone purple gaming chair a bold style.

Rated for a weight capacity of 275 pounds, the ESS-3085 is durable for both professional and casual gaming use. Purple gaming chairs don’t often compliment the office environment, but these particular purple gaming chairs make a fine addition to any decor with their subtle and inoffensive appeal.

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In Conclusion

Still not sure which purple gaming chair is right for you?

For the best bang for your buck, the BOSSIN Purple Racing Style Gaming Chair comes at a fantastic price point. If you want the most durable gaming chair on the market, hook yourself up with the AKRacing Masters Series Max. But for the overall best purple gaming chair around, you can’t go wrong with the GTRACING GT002 Racing Style gaming chair.

No matter which purple gaming chair you choose from our top list, you’re getting a comfortable chair that will last you for years of gaming. Get ready, get set, and get comfy!

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