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Best L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk [7 Reviewed]

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L-Shaped Gaming Desk with 3 Monitors

This post was last updated on April 1, 2024
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We all know the benefits of gaming desks. You’ll see the increased player performance, feel less upper body stress and back pain due to poor posture, and have everything you need within arm’s reach thanks to the right design.

But today, we’re going to specifically talk about the L-shaped gaming desk.

We’ll discuss some of the positives and negatives, as well as show you some of the best gaming desks in our opinion to help you decide what’s right for you.

To start, here are our top 7 great desks for computer gaming (or console one) that we think might best fit your needs, and the reasons behind each choice.

The Best L Shaped Gaming Desk: 7 Reviewed Desks

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01. Z-Line Designs ZLD0001-2LDU Series 1.2 Performance, Our Pick for The Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

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Note: this desk sells out ALL the time. If you like it and you see it available, I strongly suggest at least adding it to your cart.

Anyhow, we’re quite familiar with the Z-Line brand of desks, and although the ZLD001-2LDU was released in October of 2018, it really stands out as an epic choice for an l-shaped gaming desk.

Coming in at about 107lbs, it’s one of the heavier options on this list, but it’s exceptionally sturdy and has more than enough space for multiple monitors.

The built-in dual outlet and USB charging port docks were a nice touch, as well as the wireless device charging pad.

Pros of the ZLD001-2LDU

  • Ample surface area
  • Sturdy
  • Dual outlet and USB charging
  • Integrated mouse pad
  • Headphone/accessory hook
  • LED accent lighting
  • Adjustable monitor deck height
  • Qualifies for Amazon Prime

Cons of the ZLD001-2LDU

  • May incur damages/dings during shipping
  • Pilot holes might not precisely line up during assembly


The ZLD001-2LDU has our stamp of approval. Z-Line Designs is a prominent manufacturer of desks, and we’ve reviewed a ton of their other products in the past. The sleek, minimalistic design is quite aesthetically pleasing, and it’s clear that this was a desk designed with the savvier gamer in mind.

02. Office Star Prado Complete, The Basic Gaming L Desk

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We’ll start with a basic, no frills, gaming l shaped desk built for stability and to last. One outstanding feature of the Prado complete is that you can use this as a left or a right-handed option.

What you get with this is a 60-inch by 66-inch workstation, enough for a multiple monitor gaming setup and plenty of room to spare. There are metal wire management grommets throughout, making cable management a cinch.

Pros of the Office Star Prado

  • Plenty of surface area
  • Sturdy legs
  • Adjust the “return” side
  • Easy assembly

Cons of the Office Star Prado

  • Somewhat high cost
  • Laminate tabletop
  • Sways a bit if too much weight is placed on top


The Office Star Prado is definitely a quality choice. If you are looking for a modern, well-built, sturdy l shaped gaming desk, this definitely hits all those categories. But for the money you will be paying, you might expect a little more pizazz.

If overloaded, it can become slightly unsteady, so please keep that in mind.

03. Ameriwood Home Dakota, Gaming L Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

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This one comes in at a price significantly less than the previous option we looked at. Despite that, the Ameriwood Home Dakota is still darn beautiful. From the dark espresso finish to the bookshelf at the end of the return, this is definitely aesthetically pleasing.

It has a large desktop surface with a hole in the corner to run your cords through. There are two open shelves on the side for storing games, controllers, and anything else you can think of, really.

Check out the pros of the Ameriwood Dakota

  • Beautiful espresso finish
  • Awesome price point
  • Large surface area can hold two to three monitors and a gaming system
  • Storage shelf at the end of the return
  • Easy to assemble (once you get your hands on the instructions, more on that later)

These are the cons of the Dakota

  • Not much in the way of wire management – there are two grommets, but there no hardware that lets you hide your cords
  • Not reversible
  • Made from particle board
  • Doesn’t always include the instructions for assembly; luckily you can download them from the seller’s website
  • The espresso finish may peel after a while


This is a decent choice. It probably isn’t the answer if you are looking for a more permanent setup, though. It’s not the sturdiest option on this list, nor is the finish going to hold up over time, but it is a great stop gap option.

04. OneSpace 50-JN110500 Ultramodern, Glass L Shaped Desk for Gaming

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Do you like the chic, modern look of glass furniture? If yes, then the OneSpace Ultramodern is a good entry level choice for you.

There are three different options to choose from: a black frame with black glass, a black frame with clear glass, and a silver frame with clear glass. The black glass scratches easily at the bottom, so be careful with it.

The OneSpace is equipped with a slide-out keyboard tray that you can place on either side, so it is reversible.

Take a look at the pros

  • Reversible that fits on any side of the room
  • Three different color options available
  • Sturdy frame
  • Slide-out keyboard tray
  • Sleek modern looking design
  • Comes with everything you need for assembly

Now let’s look at the cons of the OneSpace Ultramodern

  • The suction cups that hold the glass in place don’t actually hold the glass in place (you spend as much time adjusting the glass as you do admiring it)
  • Keyboard tray wiggles lose sometimes and need to be readjusted
  • Assembly is a complete rage fest, very annoying trying to match up the screws with their proper holes
  • The CPU stand is not intended for high-end gaming PC’s, but it will work


Typically, glass desks are a no-no, for gamers. Not only do they collect dust at an ungodly rate, they shatter when they break. In other words, rage quitting and glass is a recipe for disaster.

But with that said, this was too nice an option to pass up, provided you are responsible.

It would also be nice if there were stabilizer bars, but then again, this is a cheap gaming desk so a little bit of sway can be forgiven.

05. The Z-Line Belaire, Another Glass Desk Option

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Yes, this is yet another glass desk.

Not because we love glass, but moreso because glass is a very popular material. Plus, the Z-Line Belaire is very sturdy and spacious.

There is a pullout keyboard tray (also made of glass) that has room for a mouse as well. The pullout keyboard tray is not large enough to game on, nor is it at the optimal height, but there is plenty of room at the top for your keyboard and mouse.

Like many other glass options, the glass tends to slide around. You can remedy this by purchasing a stronger set of suction cups from your local hardware store.

Here are some of the pros of the Z-line

  • Reversible
  • 6mm tempered glass is strong enough to hold up to greater amounts of weight and pressure
  • Wide surface area
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • A shelf that you can place on either side
  • Can hold multiple monitors

Here are some Z-line cons

  • The glass slides around on the suction cups
  • No cable management system
  • Take more than a little time and effort to assemble it
  • There are manufacturer stickers on the glass (really don’t know why in the world companies still do this)


This is actually a really good option to consider. You can comfortably fit three monitors on this thing, and one of them can be fairly large. All your peripherals can also fit without looking cluttered.

If you like the look, it’d be hard to go wrong with this. …Unless you are willing to spend a few hundred more, in which case we’ll have another one for you later.

06. Altra Pursuit, Another Good Option

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This desk has so much surface area you may not know what to do with it at first. Also, it is one of the few symmetrical l-desk options we could find. Symmetry is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

The Altra fits perfectly into corners, giving your room more floor space while simultaneously adding more room for your gaming setup. You can even two of these side by side to create one extremely large, straight desk. If you do that, please send us pictures of your setup.

When it comes to wire management, this is set up perfectly to keep your cords out of sight. It has wire grommets on the desktop and a series of wire management slots underneath to keep your gaming room wire free (in appearance only).

Let’s take a look at some of the pros

  • Wire management slots on the sides and underneath
  • Very sturdy and holds tons of weight
  • The ability to set it up in any way you see fit (from left-handed to right-handed)
  • Four different color options (cherry, grey, white, and natural)

How about some of the cons

  • You will need a significant amount of open space for this unit because it is so large
  • No cabinet or drawer space underneath, and no upgrade options
  • Fairly expensive
  • Setup is a slight hassle


This is easily one of the best l-shaped desks on this list. Yes, it is more expensive than the others, but it is well worth the price. It’s incredibly sturdy, has tons of surface area, and can be adjusted to fit any room as long as there is enough open space for it.

This is a bundle, so you’ll be able to connect all of the pieces together.

07. Bush Series C 3-Piece, For Left-Handed Gamers

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To all the lefties out there, this one’s for you!!!! The Bush Series C is a freaking beautiful piece of work. It is extraordinarily sturdy (and it should be for what you pay), has tons of surface area, and can accommodate even the most robust gaming setups out there.

You’ll have room for at least two monitors, and another two to three on the return if you so choose. The three-drawer cabinet space at the end is a nice addition as well.

Pros of the Bush Series C

  • Sturdy – it holds anything you throw at it
  • Large surface area
  • Can be used as a bridge to another desk


  • Costs a little more
  • Can only be assembled as a left-handed desk


If you are looking for a classic cherry finish desk that is tailored specifically to lefties, then you definitely want to take a look at this.

About the L-Shaped Gaming Desk

One of the most significant aspects of the L-shaped gaming desk is how efficient it utilizes the real estate it comes with. These counters are generally better for gaming than a U-shaped gaming desk because there is much less clutter due to the layout of the table.

They are great for productivity because you can use one side of the desk as your gaming station and the other side for office work.

Because L-shaped gaming desks only have two sides and are typically wide open, you are still able to use multiple monitor setups.

They take up a lot of space for sure, but if you utilize the sections properly, you’ll love the extra gaming space it gives you.

L-shaped desks are the most space-efficient. They are great for productivity, as you can use one side of the desk for one thing, and the other side for something else.

There’s also so much top surface space, and under that, you have a bunch of room for file cabinets, best gaming gear, and whatnot.

Just Don’t Under-Utilize the Opportunity You Have Here

For example, putting your PC smack dab in the middle of the corner.

Sure, it seems like a good idea, and once upon a time, it probably was the best option.

Back when CRT monitors took up the entire depth of a gaming desk, putting the PC in the corner saved loads of space.

Now that we have thinner monitor panels, putting your screen in the corner is basically turning that corner into wasted space, and that’s something you undoubtedly don’t want. Instead, it is worth using it for a printer or a PC tower.


More Space

As mentioned, using L-shaped gaming desks provides more space than those with a straight design. The only difficulty you can approach is how to utilize that space optimally. In any case, an L-shaped gaming desk is best for those who have a lot of equipment.

Increased Productivity

Have you ever had to complete several different errands in one day, and it took forever because you ended up traveling clear across the city and back for each task? Imagine you could have run all of your errands in one place, so it only took one trip.

Now, carry that over to your daily life.

Let’s say you’re an architect. Your job involves working with both paper blueprints (I’m not an architect so forgive the terminology if it is off), and you also have to use your computer.

Now imagine having to go back from one desk to another each time you had to check on something.

With an L-shaped desk, that should never be a problem. One side houses your computer and monitor, and the other side features all of your paperwork.

The same can be said in the case of using a desk for gaming.

If you make money (or even if it is just a hobby) by editing videos, you can game and edit those same gaming clips you just recorded all in one place without having to clutter your work area.


L-shaped gaming desks also have some flaws that are definitely worth exploring before deciding whether or not you want to purchase one.

They Are (Usually) Not Symmetrical

A lot of people like symmetry in their workspace. This can be difficult, as there aren’t very many options for that within this desk style.

When trying to put together a good-looking, efficient, and effective setup, you are going to have to be a little more creative with an L-shaped gaming desk than you would need to be with a straight desk, too.

Why? Because it isn’t balanced. Straight gaming desks are always easy to balance because what you do to one side, you do to the other.

We get around this by pretending each side of this gaming desk is its own separate entity. For example, using only the right side for your gaming setup could make you like it more.

Issues with Cables Showing

Cable management is substantially more difficult with an L-shaped gaming desk. This is because your cables are going to have to travel much further than then they would have to on a straight desk (or any other desk using less surface area).

Also, you might end up spending more money on third party cables because the stock ones might not be long enough to reach their respective outlets.

Limited on Where You Can Put It

You can just go around putting an L-shaped desk anywhere in the room, but most times, it will just stand in a corner. Meaning you’ll basically be staring at a corner all day.

While L-shaped gaming desks do allow you to utilize corners and walls to their greatest ability and keep your room looking open and clean, they also require that you have them against a wall.

I mean, it can stand in the middle of the room, but that’s just wasting room real estate.

What You Should Be Looking for in the Best Gaming Desks

Okay, so we’ve got all of the pluses and minuses down. You know that this is the style of the desk you want, now let’s talk about what features you should be looking for in the best gaming desks with an L-shape.

These aren’t terribly difficult to guess, and it is pretty much the same stuff you should be looking for in any desk, with some minor differences in preferred features here and there.


This is self-explanatory. The last thing you want to happen is for your desk to crumble under the weight of all your hi-tech, very expensive gaming consoles and devices.

When choosing which gaming desk to purchase, make sure you see what the legs are made out of. If it isn’t metal or some other kind of extremely durable material, do not purchase it.

You may also want to check out and see if it has any stabilizing bars to help keep the tabletops from buckling after having heavy objects sitting on top of it for several months.

Of course, you should decide how much weight you would like the desk to be able to hold. Don’t just go and blindly pay for a gaming desk that is rated for several hundred pounds of equipment, when you are only going to be placing an Xbox and a monitor on top.

Storage Space

Do you need a lot of storage space or not? This is an important question to know the answer to because if you like to have a lot of storage space, then you obviously should get something with a ton of cabinets or drawers.

There are also gaming desks you can purchase in sections (meaning desktop, cabinet, hutch, and drawers), so you can pick and choose what you need. Just be sure to take into account the features you might need using in the future as well. Otherwise, you will have to come back to desk-purchasing all over again once you upgrade your equipment.

Can You Adjust the Gaming Desk to Make It Fit Any Corner?

Do you need a left or a right-handed gaming desk? Most often, you’ll find these types are right-handed, and a lot of times, that is the only way it can go. A shame, considering 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed.

If you want (or need) the ability to switch from right-handed to a left-handed layout, make sure your choice says it’s reversible.

You can tell the difference between the left and right-handed gaming desk by looking at which side the “return” is on. The return is the part that attaches to the main computer desk.

Remember, not every gaming desk is reversible, so be sure to find out for certain before purchasing it and setting it up.

What Kind of Material Is It Made From

Even though we recommend a few, it really isn’t advisable to be using a gaming desk with a glass top.

They do look incredible out of the box, but they attract dust way too easily. This is something that you do not want to have around your electronics (especially not your console or PC).

Of course, you could always just be vigilant and keep things clean, but eventually, that vigilance will turn to complacency. That is when your systems get clogged with dust and begin to crap out on you.

The most recommended surface would be a sturdy wood surface that has good traction. Anything with good traction is worth using, really.

Another awesome surface for a gaming desk is carbon fiber, it is highly scratch resistant and looks incredible. You can’t beat the combination of beauty and utility.

There are plenty of other features that you could look into when buying an L-shaped gaming desk, but these are the most important.


We know you may have many questions concerning an L-shaped gaming desk and its features, so we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked ones and provided reliable answers to them. We hope they will be a great help to you!

Is an L-Shaped Desk Good for Gaming?

Yes, definitely! Either console or computer gaming usually requires a lot of equipment, and such design and size allow you to make sure everything is placed where it should be. You need to have, for example, a keyboard, a mouse, speakers (sometimes quite large ones), a controller, and multiple monitors. What is more, with such a spacious console or computer gaming desk, it is easier to handle proper cable management so that they are not all tangled. 

Also, you can use the top surface that is not occupied by the gaming equipment to place, for example, some food and drinks, especially if you like longer sessions. You can even place a game stand there and expose your collection! Interestingly, it’s not only the best desk for gaming fans – such a computer desk will prove equally useful for office work, where you need to have a lot of resources within reach and don’t have to stand up or stretch your arm to get them.

Where Should an L-Shaped Desk Be Placed?

Basically, an L-shaped gaming desk is considered to be a corner desk. Placing it there, you will save a lot of space in your room, so such a design is definitely a huge advantage for people living in smaller apartments. However, if you have a bit more space at your disposal, it could be great to get creative and place an L-shaped gaming desk like a V. Apart from that, you can set it perpendicular to the wall instead of putting it in the corner. It will create a U-shaped gaming area and make it possible for you to have some shelves along on the wall and conveniently reach out for additional equipment or your video game cases.

Is an L-Shaped Gaming Desk Ergonomic?

Yes! This computer gaming desk is very ergonomic. And why is it significant? Ergonomists emphasize the importance of keeping the items you use most often in the “optimal reach zone” or “neutral reach zone” because, in this way, you will reduce the effort necessary to access something you frequently need. As a result, you will minimize the stretching moves over your computer desk that could lead to back and shoulder pain. Also, as it facilitates proper cable management, you will be able to stretch your legs conveniently. A corner desk design provides a lot of surface available within your arm’s reach, so it is definitely among the best gaming desks that put a lot of emphasis on ergonomy and are excellent for your back.

In Closing

We have covered a lot of options here.

But, our top choice of an L-shaped gaming desk is going to be the Altra Pursuit Bundle by Altra Furniture. Why, you may ask? Well, being a gaming desk bundle means you get infinitely more control over how you set this bad boy up, and that means you can tailor it to your own needs. It offers the most surface for your setup and is on top of the pile when it comes to stability with its durable wood.

If you need a high-quality command center for your setup, then this is easily the best gaming desk for you.

But if you are intent on getting a glass gaming desk, then you should look no further than the Z-line Belaire. This is a great gaming desk that will hold up to three monitors, your consoles, and still have room to spare.

The ability to interchange all of the parts is a great feature, and it is far from being an eyesore, just as long as you keep dust from piling up on it. Just be careful not to break the glass top of your gaming desk when you rage quit.

If you’re looking for something broader that covers all types of desks for gamers, you can see our overview post here.

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