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So you want to be a blogger, eh?

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Dane N

Blogging daily is not as easy as you may think, and that’s something everyone who has stuck with it for more than a day can testify to. If you want to join us and contribute on a regular basis, be sure you have the time, energy and willpower to do so. Otherwise you’re just needlessly throwing away your own time, and ours — it’s a clichĂ©, but there you have it.

If the paragraph above doesn’t change your mind, you strongly feel that you can become a positive asset to That VideoGame Blog and fit (one of) the available positions listed on the right, then we welcome you.

Our goal is and has always been to gather people who live and breathe videogames and have a solid grasp on the English language. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, everyone is welcome to apply for the available positions. To do so, send us the following information about yourself by e-mailing it to admin[at]

  • Your full name
  • Age (18 minimum)
  • Which position interests you?
  • Where do you live (country, city)?
  • A few descriptive lines about yourself.

That’s it! We look forward to hearing from you and, even though we receive quite a few applications, have made it a habit to get back to each applicant.

– Daily Writer

If you keep yourself up to date on the daily happenings of the videogame world, then this is the position for you. Daily news writers are expected to be handy with press releases and turning them into fun to read news posts while translating the PR silliness that overzealous marketers often tend to include. At least one post per day Mon-Fri is expected.

Part-time Writer

This position perfectly suits people who have jobs/school obligations but still want to be a part of the That VideoGame Blog writers team. So whether you have free-time during the week or on the weekends, part-time writers are expected to write at least two articles per week.

All positions are on a voluntary basis. However, dedicated individuals will start receiving review copies sooner rather than later, are able to participate in putting together interviews, attend events with shiny press passes, and enjoy other such benefits.

Open the bio of Dane N

Dane started off gaming at the tender age of 3 with the first Atari console. His favorite video game genres are turn-based RPGs (can I get a shout out for Tactics Ogre?) and fighting games.

Dane also attends EVO every year. He hopes to one day get into the top-64 there.