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Best Corner Gaming Desk [5 Reviewed]

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This post was last updated on: April 1, 2024
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Deciding whether or not to make the switch from console gaming to PC? Or maybe you just want to move your gaming setup to a smaller screen. In either case, you are going to need to make some adjustments, one of which is finding yourself a new gaming desk.

Many gamers want options that have enough space for several monitors, consoles and PC towers. However, if you play on just one console, you may not feel the need to dedicate tons of space to a sprawling gaming setup.

Thankfully, there is an answer. One that nestles in the corner of your room, while still providing a private, isolated place where you can game in peace.

Enter the gaming corner desk: an excellent option to help you stay organized and house your consoles and monitors, all while retaining a small footprint.

In this guide, our team will do our best to help you pick out the best corner desk for gaming that suits your needs.

The Best PC Gaming Corner Desk: 5 Setups Reviewed

01. The Best Corner Gaming Desk: HomCom Modern Symmetrical

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If you want a corner gaming computer desk that is a little bit on the larger side, then this pick from HomCom is the one for you.

It has a beautiful symmetrical design with a gorgeous smoked glass top that is sure to wow anybody who sees it.

Let’s go over all of the positives you will receive with the HomCom:

  • Elevated monitor shelf for your gaming monitor
  • Portable CPU tower cart
  • Huge amount of surface area for gaming or working (this is great for increasing workflow)
  • The contrast of the black wood and the smoked glass is beautiful

Of course, nothing is perfect. Here are some of the negative aspects:

  • It’s a bit of a pain to put together
  • There is no cable management system, and cables are very difficult to hide
  • The keyboard tray gets caught on the brackets and does not pull all of the way out
  • The CPU tower will not fit a larger gaming PC


There aren’t many desks in this category that are more attractive than the HomCom corner desk, and this may very well be the best-looking choice on this list.

02. Decent Corner Desk for a Gaming Setup: The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece

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This is a beautiful corner desk with a black metal frame and black glass on top. Just like the title would suggest, it is a three-piece set that has two symmetrical sides allowing you to set it up more easily.

You also have the option to purchase this in five different color options; black, silver, multicolor, smoke, and white. Plus, you can purchase this with or without expert assembly.

With this, you will get a sliding keyboard tray that you can choose to mount on either side of the desk (again, symmetry is part of the design element), and the design lets you assemble the return on either side, too.

Setup is not too difficult – the assembly instructions are well laid out, and because the desk is relatively light, it is not too tough to put together.

These are some of the pros of the Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece:

  • Polished and beveled tempered glass is sturdy and looks incredible (especially when the lights are reflecting off of it)
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Symmetrical
  • You can choose to put the keyboard tray on either side
  • Easy assembly
  • The steel frame is durable and has a nicely finished coat of paint

These are the cons of the Walker Edison Soreno:

  • No cable management system (since it is glass it is even more difficult to hide the cables
  • There is no drawer space
  • Keyboard tray is too small to use comfortably
  • The glass has stickers placed on them that are difficult to remove
  • The suction cups holding the glass together don’t reliably secure the glass


If you like glass furniture, then this option is worth looking at. If the glass were secured a little better to the frame, our rating for it would go from a solid seven out of ten, to about a nine out of 10.

Overall, though, this is a great choice at a very reasonable price.

03. Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation

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The Bestar Hampton is clearly among the top of its class when it comes to design quality, sturdiness of frame, and having sufficient amounts of surface area. You can purchase it in black and brown, or in sand granite and charcoal. Either way, it looks incredible.

The working surface uses premium 2.5 mm shock-resistant PVC edge-banding. There is a retractable keyboard, and there is a decent cable management system you will get with this corner desk.

The glossy black finish is by far the most attractive aspect of this desk, but that is purely subjective of course. Moreover, the cabinet located underneath is the perfect place to store all your gaming accessories.

Here are some of the pros of the Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation:

  • High-quality material results in a very sturdy, very attractive, high-quality desk
  • Ample space on top
  • Large cabinet underneath for all of your gaming accessories
  • Great for multi-purpose use (i.e., gaming and working)
  • The two-color options are absolutely beautiful
  • Keyboard tray slides in and out of the brackets with ease

These are some of the cons of the Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation:

  • Assembly is not easy by any stretch
  • Comes in one, ridiculously heavy package (makes it much easier to get dropped and damaged)
  • More expensive than other options


If you are looking for a corner desk that offers a whole lot of space for working and gaming, and do not mind paying premium prices, then you have to take a look at this.

04. Basic Corner Computer Gaming Desk: Best Choice Products

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This is your basic option with zero added frills. It certainly doesn’t look bad by any means, but it also isn’t anywhere near the visual masterpiece of some of the other corner options in this lineup.

You can purchase it in either white or black, and again, this is a bare bones piece. Do not expect a cable management system, or a high load-bearing capacity. That being said, it can definitely support a moderate gaming setup.

There is plenty of surface space, giving you the ability to game and complete any work that you had to bring home with you in the same spot (which is awesome).

Here are some of the benefits you will get with the Best Choice corner desk:

  • Can hold enough weight for a regular gaming setup
  • Has enough surface area to support your gaming and working needs
  • Does not take up tons of space
  • The edges align perfectly with each other after completing assembly

Let’s take a look at some of the negatives:

  • Some of the parts that come with are crooked, making assembly more difficult
  • Speaking of assembly, this is a real pain to put together
  • The keyboard tray is way too small actually to be able to use
  • The metal frame is not made of the best quality materials


If you are looking for something that doesn’t have any bells and whistles, and only want something basic to hold your gaming consoles, then this is a decent product that you should take a look at.

It is pretty inexpensive, and it gets the job done. Just don’t ask it to do too much.

05. Hip Black Glass Corner Desk: Techni Mobili

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The Techni Mobili desk is a very peculiar looking piece. It has an all glass top, and the frame is made from metal with legs that bow out to support all of the weight.

The frame is a scratch resistant powder coated steel frame that is capable of holding your gaming console, PC tower, and several monitors.

Unfortunately, it is not able to hold much else, and it has no option to upgrade to a drawer or cabinet space.

It uses two rectangular desktop panels, both of which have a maximum holding capacity of 110 pounds, while the curved connecting piece can hold 66 pounds. The attached keyboard tray can hold 33 pounds, and the desk comes with a five-year limited warranty

Let’s take a look at some of the positives of the Techni Mobili Hip:

  • Well first, the name of it is pretty darn awesome
  • It can hold more weight than you will probably even be able to throw at it
  • The five-year limited warranty gives you some added comfort
  • Beautiful black glass finish
  • Left or right-handed assembly

These are the negatives:

  • There isn’t much space available if you have large monitors and a big gaming PC
  • No semblance of a cable management system
  • Comes in two very heavy packages, so there is a greater liability of the delivery man breaking something inside of the box
  • The keyboard tray gets stuck in the bracket easily, and when you can use the tray it is not big enough to use comfortably


Overall, this is a very good option. It is sturdy enough to hold anything you put on it (within reason of course, no it will not hold a bunch of extremely heavy things), and it has just enough room to fit a small to medium sized gaming setup comfortably.

It would be nice if you were able to hide the cords a bit easier.

How to Shop for a Computer Corner Gaming Desk

People often discuss which brands you should get, what type of surface is best and why, and they might even go so far as to tell you why you have to have a specific size.

The truth is, there is no universally correct answer to what desk you should buy for your gaming needs. It is completely up to what your own specific needs are, and the needs of one person are not going to be the same as your own.

However, there are some guidelines that you will need to follow to make sure that you get something worthwhile.

So before you even begin looking at pc corner gaming desks, let’s take a look at some of the important things you should figure out before you make a purchase.

How many monitors do you want your setup to have?

This is important because it is going to dictate a few different things. How much space does your desk need to have? Are you going to need a mounting bracket for your monitors? This is important because it is going to determine how thick of a desk you need to get, or if you should get a wall mount bracket.

If you are only going for a single or dual monitor desk setup, then this isn’t going to be as big of an issue, but if you think you will want several monitors, then you have to plan for it before you purchase your next corner gaming desk.

How often do you game and what is your preferred way to the game?

If you are gaming several of hours out of the day, then you will have to purchase a desk that can accommodate that.

The nature of a hardcore gamer dictates that they have several different gaming platforms. Therefore they are going to have a ton of different peripherals for those systems. All of these things take up space, which means you will need to get a desk that has a lot of room, possibly even drawers, and cabinets.

What is your preferred gaming surface?

Do you like glass, wooden, or maybe even plastic or metal surfaces for your desk?

This is also a time that you should be honest with yourself. Are you sure getting an all-white gaming setup is a good idea for you?

Sure, that glossy, pearly white finish that almost acts as a mirror is beautiful when it is brand new. However, what about when it has a few days of gameplay under its belt?

If you are not going to be able to keep your area spotless then please, do not get a white gaming surface. The dirt and grit that accumulates over time are astounding, and if you cannot be bothered to give your desk a good scrubbing every now and again, then maybe you should stick to darker colors.

This goes double for glass desks; those things are fingerprint havens.

How much space do you have available?

Obviously, this is a huge factor.

However, there is more to it than simply getting the dimensions of the desk and checking to see if you have at least that much space available. In fact, if you only have exactly the amount of space that the desk is available, then you might as well stop looking at that desk and find a smaller one.

You have to take into consideration the dynamics of your room. Is it a perfect rectangle? Where are the doors located? Make sure the desk you want fits the layout of the room, not just the dimensions.

Why Corner Gaming Desks are Good

If you are reading this article, then you are most likely looking for a corner desk for your room. So, what are some of the reasons why they rock?

They’re usually symmetrical

Our minds work better with symmetry. That is why we are able to pick things that are different out of a crowd so easily.

Imagine getting a desk where the monitor was in the middle, but the sides of the desk to the left and right were not even. These setups are nearly impossible to make look clean and tidy because our brains recognize them as being off-kilter.

If you’d like to see asymmetrical options, check out our our picks for the best l shaped desk for gaming.

They take up less space

It is no secret that corner desks offer more bang for your buck regarding real estate gained for each square inch used. Corner desks offer you more space, and they somehow give the impression that you have more floor space in the room.

Sure, intellectually we know that is not the case, but somehow our eyes deceive us into believing that it just might be true.


Typically, they’re not going to cost you as much. Of course, on occasion, you will find a much more expensive corner desk, but typically that is because of the type material it is made from.

In Conclusion

We spent a lot of time going over why corner desks are a good option, and why they may be the best option for you. We even gave you five excellent choices to pick from. Chances are if you have made it this far then you are strongly considering buying a corner desk but just aren’t sure which one is best for you.

Well, after painstakingly going through a ton of options, we can say that as long as it fits, the HomCom 69-inch modern desk is our top pick for the best corner desk. The smoky glass finish, the matte black wood, and silver metal bars holding the desk together make this thing look amazing.

We feel it is the best combination of a decently priced desk with a sleek modern style, and it has incredible functionality. If you are looking for a great corner desk, then you shouldn’t have to look any further.

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